ğŸŽ¬Â Picture this...

You are a few years into your career. You may be too humble to admit it, but you've got quite impressive skills in your bag, a few accomplishments to be proud of, lots of trials and tribulations on your shoulders, and at least a vague sense of what you like and dislike.

Work you "love" (or at least don't hate)

Maybe you really love what you do as a professional (or parts of it). You're proud of it, and it defines who you are. Or maybe you think loving your job is a capitalist trap and you just want a job that doesn't suck, to make a living and save enough time for what matters to you—being with your family, exploring the world, making art, growing your nonprofit... You name it. Because work isn't everything, and it's okay (don't listen to those strangers on LinkedIn).

Too few and too many career options

In these troubled times of global warming, AI innovation, political instability, blockchain, web3, and all sorts of groundbreaking disruptions impacting our economy... There must be a match for your unique combination of talents, attitudes, and connections—right? Maybe you even have a few options in mind... But understanding how viable and fitting they really are takes time and method. Also, having more than one obvious talent is a blessing and a curse: the world clearly needs you, but you struggle with labels and boxes. (And the world loves labels and boxes.)

Resizing and de-structuring work

Sometimes you question if the current shape of work is the only one possible. You hear about Great Resignations, countries with 4-day workweeks, "portfolio" approaches to career building, unbundling work from employment, and you wonder if it's time to consider some change. Startup or big corp? Office or remote? Full or part time? Employed or freelancing? And the list goes on.

Something big is going on...

You might be well aware that this is larger than you. There is a global conversation happening right now on new careers, financial independence, productivity, work-life balance, and how the metaverse and digital economies will impact all this. The very definition of work is changing.

... But how do I deal with it?

You find it hard (and a little anxiety-inducing) to navigate this tumultuous landscape. You could use some tools, inspiration, and maybe even a bit of guidance to get a little closer to your own definition of work (or at least one that can work for you in the next 5 years).

Well, if all of this rings a bell... We've got good and bad news for you.